Trusty Trivia: SNORING!!!


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Again, that’s Click Educators for free subscriptions to Whosmarted Plus. Let’s all get smarted together. Hello smarty pants and welcome to Trusty Trivia Thursday. Now we’re going to explore a nocturnal nuisance known all too well in bedrooms around the world snoring.

Before we start today’s trivia, I want to give a shout out to Michael in Round Rock, Texas, who wrote us to say, I love Who Smarted because it teaches me new things on my way to and from school. That is great to hear, Michael.

It sounds like you’re the one who smarted. Now let’s unravel the mysteries behind the sounds of sleep. First question, what percentage of adults snore regularly? Is it A, 25 percent, B, 45 percent, or C, 60 percent?

Did you pick A? You are right. About 25 percent. of adults are regular snorers, causing nighttime symphonies in bedrooms everywhere. Next question. Which of these is a common cause of snoring that can actually be adjusted with lifestyle changes?

Is it A, nasal congestion, B, sleep position, or C, both of the above? Did you choose C? You’re absolutely correct. Both nasal congestion and sleep position, along with factors like weight and exercise, can influence snoring patterns and are often adjustable.

Last question. What is the medical term for the disorder often associated with severe snoring and interrupted breathing during sleep? Is it A, insomnia, B, sleep apnea, or C, narcolepsy? Did you pick B?

You nailed it! Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder where breathing repeatedly stops and starts and it’s often marked by loud snoring. Brilliant work smartypants, you’ve snooped through the snores and discovered what lurks in the sounds of the night.

Curious about more health mysteries or everyday phenomena? Dive into our Who Smarted archives for more episodes including our episode on snoring. Thanks for tuning in smartypants, your inquisitiveness keeps us all away and eager for more.

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