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About Who Smarted?

Atomic Entertainment are the Emmy-nominated co-creators and producers of Nat Geo’s #1 educational series BRAIN GAMES & Netflix’s live-action science and history series for kids, BRAINCHILD. Their work has been viewed more than 1 billion times worldwide.

The Atomic team includes educators, STEM consultants, writers and producers with a passion for improving the lives of children, parents, and teachers. The Atomic team has spent tens of thousands of hours creating the best educational content in the world; we will stop at nothing to make learning fun and easier for you and your family


Questions from Parents

What does it cost?

We have a free and paid version of the podcast. We want every educator, child, and parent to have access to our resources regardless of income. For those who want ALL the new episodes, plus ad-free listening and bonus content, we offer a very affordable subscription.

Are there Ads?

There are ads on the free feed. We make every effort to make sure they are ads you will be interested in for your kid and family. The Who Smarted+ subscription is ad-free.

How did the Who Smarted? platform get started?

We are primarily TV producers who created great educational entertainment like Nat Geo’s BRAIN GAMES and Netflix’s BRAINCHILD. During 2020 we decided it would be great to offer a screen-free educational entertainment experience to kids and parents who were on computers at home all day. That became Who Smarted?

What can I expect from my kid listening to Who Smarted?

If you have a kid who is naturally curious, expect a lot of self-directed learning and research after the episode. For kids who may struggle a bit with science or history, expect them to find a new fun way into topics that may have seemed daunting. And for parents and educators, expect to feel relief that you have finally found a podcast the whole family can enjoy and learn from.

Will my kid get smarter from Who Smarted?

We hear from parents and educators every day who tell us that their kids and students are suddenly interested in learning more about the world around them. We CAN say that Who Smarted? is designed by writers, producers, and educators to ignite, amplify, and satisfy your child’s natural curiosity.