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What is the legend of the Jersey Devil?

Chris Morocco: Sometimes, feeding yourself and your loved ones can seem impossible. The good news is, you’re not alone.
“I just have a lot of anxiety around working with dough.”
“It just really did not turn out anything like I expected.”
Chris Morocco: I’m Chris Morocco, Food

March 27, 2024

Do Bearded Dragons have Beard?

Trusty: And now it’s time for Who Smarted. Hey, Smarty Pants. You’re never going to guess who my special guest on this Who Smarty episode is. Here, I’ll give you a hint. They have a beard. No, it is not Abraham Lincoln delivering a smarty burger dress and no, it’s not Zeus [thunder clap] or Santa Claus. Ho! Ho! Ho! But th

March 13, 2024

What other Solar Systems are in the Milky Way Galaxy

Captain Trustee: And now it’s time for Who Smarted.

Unknow speaker: Now boarding roses. 42 to 34.

Captain Trustee: Hey, Smarty Pants, have you ever traveled far away, perhaps to another country or continent? Maybe you flew to Rome, Italy to see the Colosseum and have some authentic Italian food, or you went to China to see pa

March 20, 2024

Are Capybaras just giant Guinea Pigs?

And now it’s time for Who Smarted?
Narrator: Psst, hey, Smarty Pants, I’m pretty excited because today I’m meeting a new friend named Captain Barry or at least, I think that’s what they said on the phone. I wasn’t getting good reception, and I was in a noisy room.
Anyway, he described himself as large, h

March 22, 2024

Was money always coins & paper bills?

Penny: Hello? Can anybody see me? I’m down here. Hello? Oh, I think somebody’s going to pick me up. Finally, yes and no. What do you got to do to get noticed in this town? Oh, there’s somebody who looks curious. Hello? You who, look down.

Narrator: Oh, look, a penny on the ground.

Penny: They say if you pick me up

March 25, 2024