Trusty Trivia: PIRATES!!!


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Hello, Smarty Pants, and welcome to Trusty At Trivia Thursday. Today, we’re setting sail on the high seas to chase down the most notorious bandits of the ocean, pirates! Before we begin Trusty Trivia, a quick shout -out to Smarty Pants Aurora in Orlando, Florida, who wrote to tell us that Who’s Smarted makes the drive to school fun.

Then, she gets a little scientific when she says, sometimes my serotonin levels are low, but your podcast brings them up. I also like your wordplay credits. Ah, thanks, Aurora. Now, let’s navigate through the murky waters of pirate trivia.

First question, who was the notorious pirate known for his flamboyant style and fearsome flag? Was it A, Blackbeard, B, Calico Jack, or C, Captain Kidd? Did you choose A, Blackbeard? Arrr, spot on, Smarty Pants.

Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach, was infamous for his intimidating presence, lighting fuses in his beard to frighten his enemies. Don’t try that at home. Next question, what is the name of the pirate who was actually a successful pirate hunter before turning to piracy himself?

Was it A, Henry Morgan, B, Bartholomew Roberts, or C, William Kidd? Did you choose C? You struck gold! Captain William Kidd started as a pirate, Hunter, but later became a pirate himself, and his treasure remains the subject of many legends.

Last question. Which famous pirate was actually a woman who disguised herself as a man to join the pirate life? Was it A. Anne Bonny, B. Mary Reed, or C. Rachel Wall? Did you pick B? That is correct.

Mary Reed disguised herself as a man for most of her life, and became a feared pirate in the Caribbean, alongside her comrade and Bonny. Arr! Well done, smarty pants! You’ve navigated through the treacherous tales of pirates with the skill of a seasoned sailor.

Eager for more adventures? Check out our episodes about sea exploration and historical mysteries in the Who Smarted archives. Thanks for playing, smarty pants. Your curiosity and courage are as vast as the ocean.

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