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25 Best Educational Games for Kids in 2024

Apr 26, 2024

Are you looking for some fun educational games for your child? Here are our picks for the 25 best educational experiences that your kid will love!

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1. PBS Kids Games

Recommended age: 2+
Cost: Free
Educational value: literacy, math, social studies, problem-solving, nature, science

PBS Kids Games features educational games and activities from popular PBS shows such as Arthur, Curious George, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, and Sesame Street. Each game covers various subjects, such as literacy, math, social studies, creativity, and general problem-solving. PBS Kids Games are available on computers, tablets, and smartphones and are free to play.

2. Math Blaster

Recommended age: 4+
Cost: Free/ $9.99
Educational value: basic arithmetic, problem-solving, number Sense, geometry, data analysis, critical thinking

Math Blaster is an educational game that uses puzzles, arcade shooting, platforming, and racing challenges to present math in a fun and engaging format. The story follows a space cadet as they use their math skills to save the galaxy. The game reinforces addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, with players earning points and power-ups for solving these problems. Math Blasters is available on PC and mobile devices.

3. Prodigy

Recommended age: 6+
Cost: Free/Premium option
Educational value: basic arithmetic, problem-solving, fractions, number sense, decimals, geometry, data analysis, critical thinking, algebra

Prodigy is an educational math game that combines role-playing elements with curriculum-aligned math questions, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and even geometry and algebra. Players create an avatar to explore a fantasy world and use math questions to fight monsters, explore different worlds, and ultimately unlock in-game currency that they can use to customize their character, acquire new skills, and explore new areas, similar to a massively multiplayer online game but for children, grades 1-8. The primary benefit of Prodigy is that it presents math in a fun format for children, and teachers can organically track the progress of their students, see areas they struggle with, and tailor each student’s experience to suit their learning needs better. Prodigy is free-to-play, but additional features and cosmetics are available for a premium subscription. 

4. ABCmouse

Recommended age: 2+
Cost:$9.95/month or 59.95/year
Educational value: reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music

ABCmouse is an award-winning early learning program for children between the ages of 2 and 8. It is designed to teach subjects such as reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music through interactive games and puzzles to prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. The program adapts to a child’s learning ability and pace to ensure that the material remains dynamic and exciting as the child’s essential skills develop. ABCmouse is available on a subscription-based online platform and can be accessed through any computer, tablet, or mobile device. 

 5. SplashLearn

Recommended age: 2+
Cost: $8.99-14.99/month or 79.99-129.99/year
Educational value: math, reading, and language arts. 

SplashLearn is an educational platform designed for grades K-5 with a full curriculum of math and reading lessons distilled into fun and engaging interactive games. SplashLearn, in addition to a large variety of games that reinforce key concepts, also has a wide range of puzzles that enhance critical thinking and comprehension. Parents and teachers can easily track their child’s progress in real-time and monitor their performance in specific sections so they know their child’s strengths and weaknesses. SplashLearn offers both a free variant and a subscription-based model with additional features that provide more useful educational features.

6. GCompris

Recommended age: 2+
Cost: Free
Educational value: math, language, science, computer skills, geography, culture, logic, and problem-solving and creativity/art. 

GCompris is an educational software platform designed for children between the ages of 2-10. It covers various subjects, including math, science, geography, and computer skills. The platform provides over 100 educational activities and games with colorful graphics and animations to make the subjects easy for children to identify with and learn. GCompris also features an adjustable difficulty level based on a child’s learning progress so that they remain appropriately challenged along the way. It is free software available on all platforms, including tablets and smartphones. 

7. Animal Jam

Recommended age: 7+
Cost: Free/ $7-29.95/month
Educational value: safety and online etiquette, problem-solving and critical thinking, creative expression, math, language arts, biology, wildlife, and geography. 

Animal Jam is an online virtual world that allows players to create and customize their animal characters, decorate their dens, play minigames, and interact with other players. The game focuses on providing educational content related to animals and emphasizes conservation. Animal Jam also hosts a wide selection of minigames, puzzles, quizzes, and multiplayer games to keep kids engaged while they learn exciting facts about their favorite animals. Animal Jam features a free version and a subscription model for added features. 

8. Minecraft Education Edition

Recommended age: 6+
Cost: $26.95
Educational value: problem-solving, collaboration and communication, coding, environmental science, design, geography, and geology. 

Minecraft Education Edition is a popular sandbox game designed to teach creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and other topics. Teachers have access to various tools and features that allow them to create and manage educational experiences within the game, such as customizing gameplay settings and monitoring student activity. Players can collaborate on projects in a shared virtual space, encouraging teamwork, communication, and social interaction. The game also supports mods that can extend functionality and allow students to learn basic coding skills to customize their gameplay. 

9. BrainPOP

Recommended age: 6+
Cost: $9-19.95/month or 99-199/year
Educational value: science, social studies, math, language arts, health, art and music, technology. 

BrainPOP is an educational platform designed to teach science, social studies, math, English, arts, and health subjects. The platform uses animated videos, quizzes, games, and interactive activities to better connect with their students. BrainPOP allows teachers to create customized lesson plans to reach their teaching objectives. Assessment tools are also available for teachers and parents to track their child’s progress and identify areas that require additional support.

10. Toca Kitchen

Recommended age: 4+
Cost: $3.99
Educational value: food exploration, nutrition awareness, cooking skills, motor skills, cultural awareness.

Toca Kitchen is an educational game that helps children explore cooking and food preparation imaginatively. Players control a kitchen where they must cook and experiment with various ingredients to create dishes for a cast of colorful characters with differing palettes and tastes. The game encourages creativity as there is no set goal or time limit, so players can experiment and cook whatever they want. It introduces concepts such as grilling, boiling, and frying alongside various ingredients worldwide. Toca Kitchen is available on all mobile devices. 

11. Stack the States

Recommended age: 8+
Cost: $2.99
Educational value: geography, recognition, capitals, state flags, critical thinking, and problem-solving. 

Stack the States is an educational game designed to help players learn the geography of the United States through trivia questions about capitals, shapes, flags, and locations. Players must answer questions correctly to earn states to stack them up to a certain height and win. However, stacking the highest tower isn’t as simple as it sounds with physics-based gameplay; players must maintain a healthy balance to keep their tower from toppling over. As players progress, they will unlock new states to earn bonus points and alter their gameplay experience. Stack the States is available on IOS devices.

 12. Sushi Monster

Recommended age: 6+ 
Cost: Free
Educational value: basic arithmetic, number operations, problem-solving

Sushi Monster is an educational game designed to help students practice and improve their math skills, specifically addition and multiplication. In Sushi Monster, players navigate a gameboard populated with numbered sushi plates. The goal is to feed the hungry monster on the board by selecting the correct plates so they can add up to the target number displayed. Sushi Monster features adaptive difficulty that changes the difficulty of equations based on a player’s performance to ensure the content remains relevant and challenging. Sushi Monster is available on IOS devices. 

13. Starfall

Recommended age: 5+
Cost: Free/ $35/year for Parent-Teacher features
Educational value: reading skills, math, language arts, phonemic awareness. 

Starfall is an educational platform that hosts interactive games, activities, songs, and stories for children from preschool to early elementary school. These activities provide a comprehensive program that helps children learn reading, phonics, vocabulary building, and basic problem-solving. Educational songs and nursery rhymes help reinforce these lessons, and different educational games ensure that children are entertained and educated.

14. The Magic School Bus: Oceans

Recommended age: 6+
Cost: Free/ $28.00
Educational value: oceanography, marine biology, scientific inquiry, and environmental awareness. 

The Magic School Bus: Oceans is an educational game designed to teach players about marine life and environmental science through interactive gameplay and exploration. Players will learn about different ocean habitats, marine animals, and the interconnectivity of various ecosystems. The game features various puzzles and mini-games that test your child’s knowledge and critical thinking skills. 

15. The Oregon Trail

Recommended age: 12+
Cost: Free
Educational value: history, geography, resource management, problem-solving

The Oregon Trail is a classic educational game that simulates the journey of American pioneers as they traveled westward to settle the Oregon Territory during the 19th century. Players must manage resources such as food, clothing, and oxen, hunt, and avoid obstacles along their way, such as disease or accidents. The game teaches players about the history of the time, geography, landmarks, and basic survival skills. 

16. Wordscapes

Recommended age: 8+
Cost: Free/ in-game purchases
Educational value: language, vocabulary increase, word recognition, spelling

Wordscapes is a word puzzle game similar to Scrabble, where players are given a grid of letters and must fill in the blanks with any combination of the letters provided. The game consists of thousands of levels with an increasing difficulty ramp so that players are continually challenged. A handy hint system will prevent the player from being stuck if things prove too difficult. Wordscapes is a fantastic way for a young child to improve their vocabulary and is available on the IOS store, but be warned that there are in-app purchases to contend with.

17. Eloh

Recommended age: 5+
Cost: $2.99
Educational value: geometry, problem-solving, music/tone recognition, trigonometry, pattern recognition.

Eloh has players embark on a journey to awaken slumbering spirits through the power of music. Players must strategically place musical totems to bounce sound waves off them and guide music to the sleeping spirit. The core mechanic teaches children about geometry and trigonometry in an easy-to-digest format, as players must angle blocks to produce sound waves to reach the target. While the puzzles may increase in difficulty, there is no fail state, and the game’s music is serene and calming, making it ideal for children of all ages. Eloh is available on both Android and IOS.

18. Twelve a Dozen

Recommended age: 8+
Cost: Free/ in-app purchases
Educational value: number sense, arithmetic operations, problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning, logic, and strategy. 

In Twelve a Dozen, players control a character named Twelve, who lives in Dozenopolis. The game is set in a world where numbers are alive, and players must use their mathematical skills to solve puzzles and navigate various levels and challenges. Players must use mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to rescue their friends and family from the evil Dozeneggs. 


Recommended age: 4+
Cost: $9.99/month with 30-day free trial
Educational value: reading comprehension, vocabulary building, word recognition

HOMER is an educational app that allows children to learn through interactive games and stories that help promote literacy development. Each game and activity promotes basic reading skills such as phonics, sight words, and vocabulary building, all with learning paths that are tailored to a child’s reading level. 

20. Start with Art!

Recommended age: 7+
Cost: Free, in-app purchases
Educational value: creativity, imagination, motor skills, critical thinking, problem-solving. 

Start with Art! is a program intended to introduce young children to art and creativity through interactive activities, games and resources. The program walks your child through foundational art lessons but ensures that educational moments are dispersed between games and other activities so it is never overwhelming.

21. Colorfy: Coloring Art Game

Recommended age: 4+
Cost: Free, in-app purchases
Educational value: creativity, imagination, motor skills, color theory

Colorfy is a digital coloring book for kids with over 1000 pictures for your child to color. Afterward, they can view their creations in a virtual gallery and introduce your child to art in a very accessible format. 

22. Room Recess

Recommended age: 3+
Cost: Free
Educational value: math, typing, language arts, science, social studies

Room Recess is an online platform that provides various games and activities to support young children in all subjects during their elementary education. Room Recess can be accessed through either computers, tablets, or phones and ensures activities that help promote curriculum standards and give students a great way to practice and reinforce critical skills.

23. Vocabulary Spelling City

Recommended age: 4+
Cost: Free, $35/year
Educational value:  vocabulary building, reading comprehension, grammar, literacy skills, spelling, writing skills

Vocabulary Spelling City is an online platform that helps students improve their vocab, spelling, and literacy skills through interactive games and activities. The platform offers interactive spelling games, word lists to improve vocabulary, and writing prompts to help students develop their writing skills. 

24. Tynker

Recommended age: 4+
Cost $9/month
Educational value: coding, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, resource management, adaptability.

Tynker is an educational platform that introduces and teaches children how to code through courses and projects suitable for all ages. Lessons are presented in an interactive format so students can always apply what they learn instead of just theoretical knowledge. With adaptive learning modules for each student, Tynker is designed to help students succeed in the digital age. 

25. History for Kids: All Civilizations Learning Games

Recommended age: 7+
Cost: Free, in-app purchases
Educational value: culture, critical thinking, problem-solving, 

Discover world history, including ancient civilizations, the Renaissance, and more, with History for Kids. This app uses multimedia resources to connect with the user and bring history to life with visual contexts such as maps and images. The app provides puzzles, quizzes, trivia challenges, and simulations to further improve your child’s critical thinking skills. 


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