30 Best Educational Channels for Kids in 2024

Apr 8, 2024

Looking for ways for your child to expand their knowledge further? Consider these channels for more educational videos:

1. Learn Bright

Learn Bright is an online platform that covers math, reading, science, and social studies and is designed for all age groups. It features a wide range of videos that are accessible and enjoyable for children of all ages to help them build essential skills for later development.


2. Let’s Read Stories

Let’s Read Stories is a channel devoted to promoting literacy and a passion for reading among children. Stories are often curated with children in mind and feature reading activities, comprehension exercises, and a wide range of resources to help support their children’s literacy journey. 


3. Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein creates content for babies, toddlers, and young children designed to stimulate early learning and development in language, music, art, science, and nature. Their videos are colorful, with soothing music and simple narratives, making them appealing to all ages. 


4. BabyBus

BabyBus specializes in creating educational content for children, with videos designed to foster cognitive language and emotional development. The content covers various subjects, ranging from numbers, colors, shapes, and animals to more relatable subjects such as hygiene, safety, and social skills. 


5. Socratica Kids

Socratica Kids is an educational channel tailored for a younger audience. It covers topics such as math, science, language arts, the solar system, and anatomy. In addition to basic subject videos, it provides videos aimed at improving critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. 


6. Pinkfong

Pinkfog is a popular channel that features animated videos, songs, and games designed to educate and entertain young children. It is most well-known for its viral song “Baby Shark,” which has amassed billions of views on its channel to date. The videos are usually framed with catchy music so children can easily engage with the topic. 


7. Storytime With Ryan and Craig

Storytime with Ryan and Craig is a channel that features storytelling videos aimed at young children, in which Ryan and Craig narrate various stories, fairy tales, and fables. All narrations are accompanied by color animations and illustrations, followed by audience participation as the story progresses. 


8. Bright Side

Bright Side is a popular channel that covers topics ranging from science, psychology, health, life tips, and exciting facts. The channel focuses on positive stories to motivate its audience and spread a message of positivity. It features colorful visuals and engaging animations that help entertain a wider audience and also help them retain knowledge better. 


9. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids has videos dedicated to exploring wildlife and nature and helping spark curiosity in young children. These videos cover different aspects of nature, such as species, habitat, biology, geography, and the history of a specific location. 


10. PBS Kids

PBS Kids offers various educational videos to help children with math, literacy, science, and social skills. These lessons are taught through a mixture of music, theatre, or animation to help children retain these lessons better and, of course, to entertain them. 


 11. Minute Physics

Minute Physics features short, informative videos that help explain complex physics in simpler terms. Created by physicist Henry Reich, the channel covers topics such as classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and astrophysics. These lessons are presented in an engaging and humorous format, making them more accessible to a general audience.


12.  Ted-Ed

Ted-Ed is a specialized channel that produces educational videos. The videos use animated visuals to convey subjects ranging from literary classics to world history to scientific discoveries to logic puzzles. They are generally short but often encourage critical thinking and feature thought-provoking questions to encourage the audience to fill in their own thoughts.


13.  Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids features videos that help teach many subjects, including math, reading, creative expression, science, and social-emotional learning. These lessons are provided through interactive activities, games, books, and videos to entertain and inform their audience. Khan Academy’s primary focus is providing resources and tips for parents and educators to help support learning outside of the classroom. 


 14. Art for Kids Hub

Art for Kids Hub is a channel that features easy-to-follow drawing tutorials for children of all ages. Drawings include various subjects, including animals, characters, objects, and more. As the videos progress, they range from basic to more complex. In addition to tutorials, the channel also offers creative challenges and themed drawings to encourage children to expand their imagination as they draw. 


 15. Sesame Street

Sesame Street is an iconic TV show that hosts many of its videos on its channel to help teach children social and emotional learning, along with cognitive skills such as numbers, letters, shapes, colors, emotions, and problem-solving. These lessons are distilled through interactions with colorful show characters, famous celebrities, and musical numbers to help engage with their younger audience. 


16.  Brain POP

Brain POP is a channel that covers various topics, including science, math, social studies, English, health, arts, technology, and more. These lessons are presented through animated videos, quizzes, games, and interactive activities, making them relevant for kindergarten through high school students. Brain POP also offers resources for family involvement, such as discussion prompts and extension activities.


17. Sick Science

Sick Science is a series of educational videos and experiments created by Steve Spangler. The emphasis is on hands-on, interactive experiences so students can explore scientific concepts through experimentation. The experiments feature common household materials and are designed to be safe and easy to replicate. 


18.  San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world, home to 3,700 animals representing 650 species and subspecies. Like many animal enclosures, the San Diego Zoo hosts a channel featuring live streams of its animals alongside demonstrations to help educate its audience on the many creatures within it’s walls and how we can all learn to coexist and protect them. 


19.  Be Smart

Be Smart is an educational channel exploring issues such as climate change, engineering, biology, astronomy, and social issues across the web. The videos are aimed at younger children with animations and humor to add retention on many deeper/more complex topics. 


20.  Storyline Online

Storyline Online features famous actors who read children’s books for younger readers. The celebrity adds a particular inflection and animated performance that helps younger audiences connect more with the source material, along with the channel’s overall goal to promote literacy and a love of reading in its audience. 


 21. Alphablocks

Alphablocks is an animated video series that teaches children how to read through phonics. Each episode follows a central theme concerning a particular letter or phonetic concept, and the show uses songs, animation, and interactive elements to ensure the child retains the lesson. 


22.  Geek Gurl Diaries

Geek Gurl Diaries is a popular web series that inspires and empowers young girls to pursue careers and interests in technology, programming, and computer science. The channel features videos related to coding, robotics, electronics, game development, and more. The series utilizes interactive projects and demonstrations so the viewer can actively visualize and utilize the lesson in real-time. 


23.  Dodo Kids

Dodo Kids is a channel that provides educational videos on various topics, including science, nature, animals, geography, and history. The videos are designed to be fun and engaging, with interactive elements such as quizzes, games, and puzzles to encourage active participation. 


24. The Brain Scoop

The Brain Scoop is an educational channel hosted by Emily Graslie, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent at the Field Museum in Chicago. The channel features videos that allow users to embark on virtual tours throughout the museum’s many collections to view specimens such as fossils, minerals, and cultural artifacts. Graslie also provides educational videos in which she employs visual storytelling to explain scientific concepts in an accessible and easy-to-digest format. 


 25. Make Me Genius

Make Me Genius is a channel designed to teach children about various science topics such as physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science. The channel instills the subjects through animated videos, experiments, quizzes, and educational games to reinforce ideas. 


 26. Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy is a channel that focuses on music education, primarily piano lessons as the channel’s founder, Joseph Hoffman, is a professional pianist and educator. The Hoffman Academy provides a structured curriculum, allowing anyone to learn piano from beginner to intermediate levels. In addition, he covers additional concepts such as music theory, technique, and sight-reading. 


27.  Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art is an arts and crafts channel focusing on affordable but rewarding art. Everything is made with everyday items, and it is meant to teach audiences of all ages the basics of craft, such as needlework, sculpting with clay, or simple paper art.


28.  The StoryTime Family

StoryTime Family specializes in storytelling, offering various engaging and imaginative stories for children of all ages. These stories are designed to help children with concepts such as numbers, letters, colors, shapes, and animals. The videos are presented in an interactive format to keep children engaged and ensure that they develop social and emotional skills along the way. 


29.  Tinker Lab

Tinker Lab focuses on STEM education, providing hands-on activities to encourage children to experiment, build, and create. These activities include everyday household materials that are affordable and safe to build at home. Tinker Lab’s ultimate goal is for the child to apply their knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems. The experiments also encourage parental involvement, making them great for the whole family. 


30.  Mother Goose Club

Mother Goose Club produces videos, songs, and other content to promote early literacy and learning. The channel features classic nursery rhymes and slowly integrates more difficult ideas such as letters, numbers, colors, and shapes into its audience so that they can slowly progress into more complex problems in the future. 

These videos provide an excellent resource for your child, but remember to participate with them! Many of these videos feature parent interaction, so don’t forget to help your child learn; they’ll certainly appreciate it!

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